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The Artist

Pastel Painting by Alex Halliburton express his appreciation of Canadian Sports, Wildlife and Nature. The lifelike precision of his Art captures the Character, Mood and extreme realism of the people and animals he loves to paint.
He precisely depicts every minute detail of the subjects he paints.
Halliburton was born in the City of Glasgow, Scotland and has enjoyed his art since he was a young boy. John Lusk, his high school art teacher encouraged him to continue to paint and a fellow tradesman influenced him to use pastel as a complete and finished art form.

Pastel is pure powdered pigment, the same Colourizer used to produce oil, acrylic, water colour and all other fine art paints, however, pastel excludes the moist admixture that causes most other mediums to fade, scale, blister or crack with time.

This pure ancient and beautiful medium used on acid free materials, is, in this Artist's opinion, the most stable and long lasting medium known

Pastels by Rosalba Carriera and other Masters such as Lautrec, Millet, Renior, and Manet are as bright and vibrant as the day they were painted.
Edgar Degas was the most prolific Pastellist and in the spring of 1983 Sotheby Parke and Bernet auctioned off two of his pastels, painted more than on hundred years earlier, for more the three Million Dollars each.

Pastellists are few and far between and this Artist, with use and practice, has raised the medium to a very high standard.

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 About the Artist

Alex was born in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Art seemed to be in his blood and he has drawn and painted all his life. His High School teacher encouraged him in many mediums but later in life a fellow tradesman got him interested in Pastels and persuaded him to use it as a complete and finishing art form. Today pastellists are few and far between but this artist, with use and practice, has raised the medium to perfection. Pastel Paintings by Alex Halliburton express his appreciation of People,Nature and wildlife.

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About the Art

Halliburton pastels are renowned internationally and have spread from Canada to the U.S.A., Britain, France, Germany and most recently he enjoys the acclaim of the Japanese market in Tokyo.
As an artist Alex would like to be recognized as a "Pastel Pioneer" who used the medium to extreme realism.


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